Blue Hotel *Warning! Explicit*

We have what some might call, an unconventional lifestyle. We like to act out fantasy scenarios, sometimes wild and daring ending or even beginning with us having sex in public places. Other times, like tonight, a bit more shall we say vanilla, as in this one I call…

Blue Hotel.

Sitting in the hotel lounge waiting for you to arrive, I gaze about me taking in the couples talking quietly together and the singles casting haunted looks as they search for a partner to join them for the night. The door opens and I look up as you enter the lobby, gasping aloud as you stride purposefully in, looking so magnificent dressed in a short red skirt, black corset with rose embellishments and ‘Fuck Me’ heels. All eyes turn to stare at you, a vision of raw sexual passion!

I walk over and pull you to me, bending your head back as I kiss you hard, uncaring of who sees the lust you generate in me. Taking you by the waist, I lead you to the desk to collect my key from the receptionist, a young lad who’s eyes are riveted on you. You blow him a little kiss making him blush crimson.

Taking the key, I walk you to the elevator, all the way holding you tight to me, my hand firmly on your ass, feeling your muscles flex as you move. The lift opens and I push you in, trapping you against the wall in a passionate embrace. Kissing you frenziedly I push my hand tight up on your pussy, rubbing you hard through the lace of your panties using my other hand to pin your wrists together above your head, our kiss so deep that it steals the breath from our bodies. Your breasts, held tightly in the confines of your corset, are pressing against me, burning into my chest. You begin moving your hips slightly, pushing your pussy against my hand, driving me wild!

We are so lost in each other, our passion bursting upon us with such ferocity, that a small discrete cough behind us startles us. Still in the same carnal embrace, we turn our heads and see that the lift doors remain open. In our excitement I hadn’t selected our floor! A very red faced bell boy is standing outside in the lobby and behind him everyone else is staring open mouthed at us.

Glancing at you as you have a fit of the giggles, I smile politely at our audience and press button 20, then turning on you again as a lion turns on it’s prey, I push your panties to one side and rub you as I plunder your mouth with my tongue, moans replacing your giggles as your juices beginning to flow.

A quiet ding announces that we have reached our floor and still kissing and rubbing you furiously I walk backwards, dragging you with me to our room. Unlocking the door, I pull you inside, kicking the door shut as I walk us until we stumble against the bed, collapsing onto it, you squealing in delight as you fall on top of me.

Panting with lust, I roll you off me and growl, “Christ! You’re so hot!” I get up and start to rip my clothes off. “Lose everything except the corset and heels!”

You slide your skirt and panties down your long legs leaving yourself gloriously naked below the waist. Throwing them on the floor, you turn on your side smiling at me, your breathing ragged as you lie waiting for me to join you.

I’m so turned on by the sight of your wanton nakedness and you’re gorgeous smile that I have to breath deeply in order to calm myself. Walking towards you, my cock swaying rudely from side to side, a pearl of my excitement glistening on the end, I bend and kiss you hard pushing you down onto your back, then laying completely on you, my body crushing yours, I kiss you deeply and passionately, my fingers gripping your hair. My cock throbs against you as I say, “Get over me and sit on my face. I want to eat you and tongue you as you suck me! I want to drown in your juices as you come in my mouth!”

Moving slowly, you turn and sit over me lowering yourself to my lips, your scent invading my body like a drug. Leaning forward, you lick my tip making my cock leap as you start taking me into your mouth. I groan loudly, the vibrations tingling up through your body as I run my tongue over your lips and lap at your clit, flicking it wildly as your sweet juices flow into my mouth. I gently bite and pull at your lips then push my face hard into your pussy as I thrust my tongue as far into you as I can. You squirm, rubbing your juice all over my mouth making my hips jerk upwards, forcing my cock deep into your throat.

You begin moaning from the intense pleasure that I’m giving you, the vibrations running down my shaft as you suck me hard, my pre-cum seeping into your mouth. I push my tongue in and out of you, your moans on me driving me crazy as I thrust myself into your mouth in time with my tongue, it’s like you’re being taken at both ends! My lust burning within me I groan louder against you desperate to taste your honey, it only takes one more thrust of my tongue to take you over the edge making you come hard, your juices running on my tongue, flowing into my mouth as I swallow you greedily! Your screams on my cock almost make me lose control, my body rigid in an effort not to explode in your mouth! As your spasms decrease I lick you gently and pulling back slightly I whisper against your pussy, “Get on me!”

You crawl down my body, your legs shaking from the violence of your orgasm. Turning, you position yourself over me, then with your hand wrapped around my hard, hot shaft, you place the tip just at your entrance, pausing there smiling at me, teasing me before so very slowly lowering yourself taking me into you, inch by slow inch, gasping as I stretch and fill you until you have taken all that I possess.

Your sexy smile combined with the searing heat and soaking wetness of your tight pussy almost makes me come immediately! My back arches in an effort to get even more of myself into your delicious body, to break past the entrance and into your womb itself! Such is my desire to be completely in you that you wince in pain as the ring in my cock opens you deep inside.

I gaze up at you, so gorgeous, so confident in your sexual power and growl out, “Show me your breasts! I want to play with them as I possess you!” Your hands are shaking on the fastenings as you loosen the top three hooks and pull your magnificent bosoms out, the bones of the corset making them rest high and proud. Taking my hands, you place them on you, groaning in lust and base desire as I grasp and squeeze them, moulding them with my hands, squashing them. Gasping at the sight and feel of you, I buck my hips making you rise up as though you’re riding a horse. I cry out in a ragged voice thick with longing “Please baby!”

You begin riding me hard and fast, crying out as my cock pounds into you, the ring bringing pain but so much pleasure! “Come for me Steve! I love you, God I do!” you scream as waves of ecstasy begin to rush through your body. I thrust up into you as you come down on me making you cry out in your passionate agony, my cock reaching to the very core of you, and all the time I’m crushing your breasts fiercely in my hands!

You’re so near to coming that you cry out and gasp for your release. Your screams and your pleas are my undoing and in a mixture of agony and ecstasy I explode deep into your belly!

The pain and the pleasure, the scalding hot jets of my seed bursting into you, the leaping of my cock buried further than ever before, all send you into a mind blowing orgasm that rips your soul apart! Collapsing on my chest, tears running down your cheeks, your breathing ragged from the force of your climax, you whisper, “Steve I love you so much! Oh, that was fantastic!! Thank you my angel, thank you!”

Softly stroking your hair as you drift into an exhausted sleep, I gently kiss your head and whisper, “Thank you too my darling, I love you.” As I start to fall asleep myself, I reflect on our life together. It might not be to everyone’s tastes, but it certainly works for us!

© opusangelicus 2012

My Lover #poetrychallenge

My Lover

We are one soul split in two, existing in separate lives yet bound to each other inextricably. One half, her side, is wild, hot and so very sexy! Witty, intelligent and breathtakingly beautiful, an incredible force of nature that no one can tame. The other half, my side, is quieter, shy and introspective.
When we come together through the act of love, the passion of our union shakes the very foundations of the world! We compliment our desires perfectly, the flame of our lust igniting instantly, a pillar of fire reaching to the heavens!
Although strangers when we first met, we now both know the other intimately, our minds are perfectly in tune and our shared hungers feed off each other, spiralling upwards, wrapping themselves tighter and tighter until they explode in a frenzy of passionate release!
With her I have travelled the world of the erotic, we have explored every place our imagination cared to take us, we have experienced more than we ever dreamed possible and still it leaves us breathless with excitement, every time.
This is my lover and as much of her as I’m willing to share.

© opusangelicus 2012