I wandered lonely on the beach
Mile after mile of golden sand
And came across a maiden fair
Combing her flowing auburn hair
With a skeletal hand

My heart within me solid froze
As I watched this grisly sight
Of those bleached bones
Being used as combs
Fear readied me for flight

Then she turned and looked at me
Held me fast with steady gaze
Come sit and be with me awhile
She said with such a welcome smile
I stumbled forward in a daze

An Angel’s voice to me did speak
Take not another step brave man
As it will be your last I fear
For she is death that you draw near
And she will claim you if she can

The scales lifted from mine eyes
Her true self then I saw
Where sat before a comely maid
Now sits a vision from the grave
Her smile a rictus maw

I turned and ran as she called out
It matters not to me
As we shall meet again one day
For death doth over all hold sway
And I shall come for thee

Now in the autumn of my years
I think back upon that awful day
When Heavens’ Angel rescued me
Giving me the strength to flee
And Deaths’ fell hand did stay

© opusangelicus 2013

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