Mewling babe
At mother’s breast
For her child
She wants the best

Skinny girl
With tiny waist
Boyish hips
Thoughts so chaste

Too soon all grown up
Lithe and strong
Pose for photos
Nothing on

Drinking cocktails
Dance the night
Coming home
At dawns first light

Suitors come
And make her sigh
A special one
That caught her eye

Raise a family
Struggle to cope
Happy days
Yet always broke

Kids moved on
learn new skills
Never too late

Painting pictures
Write a book
Throw dinner parties
Fabulous cook

Sail the ocean
Fly a kite
Middle aged
But full of life

Ride a Harley
Drive a car
Visit countries
Travel far

Climb a mountain
Tame a horse
Dote on grandkids
In due course

Lost one husband
Gained another
Been wife mother
Healer lover

A whirlwind life
With so much done
So much sorrow
So much fun

That old lady
In the street
Frail and shuffling
Slippered feet

Hold no contempt
Respect you give
You might be young
But she has lived!

©opusangelicus 2014