Erotic Advent by Stephen Richards

Here’s my contribution to Erotic Advent, hosted by the fabulous SJ Warner!

I hope you enjoy…

S.J's Blog

Erotic Advent

Some women have a thing for firemen, some for male models in sharp suits. For assistant district attorney Kelly Pomelo, it was Santa Claus. She didn’t care if the guy in the costume was old and fat (as most of them were), or young and fit (rarely so, but occasionally…), hell she didn’t even care if they were good looking or not – as long as they wore the costume while they fucked her that’s all she needed.

A psychologist could’ve told her that this festive fetish probably stemmed from a childhood incident, no doubt something she’d rather forget, or that maybe she had ‘Daddy issues…’ but it wasn’t any of that crap – she just got off on fucking Santa!

She liked to think of herself as spreading a little Christmas cheer – along with her legs; kind of a Ho! Ho! – ‘ho you could say, Santa’s hot…

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