Girl On The Wire by Stephen Richards #CinnamonTreats

Here’s my entry to the fabulous Cinnamon Treats Event, hosted and organised by the awesome, SJ Warner. I hope you enjoy it!

S.J's Blog


Assistant district attorney, Kelly Pomelo sat on the edge of the bed and sighed.

She’d just got off the phone with Judge Stephens, the guy she’d met last year and with whom she’d spent a whole week fucking. They hadn’t seen much of each other since then, “A conflict of interests” he’d said, but they’d arranged to meet up again this year at a New York hotel for a weekend of fucking Santa; because that was her kink – she adored fucking guys dressed as Santa.

Only he’d just phoned to cancel.

Right at the last, fucking minute! She thought despondently. Shit!

She looked around the sumptuous room, really hacked off that she wasn’t gonna get to share it – and her body – with him. Fuck him! It’s his loss! She called room service and ordered a bottle of champagne then went to run herself a nice bath, stripping…

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