Office Angel by Stephen Richards

Hey guys, here’s my contribution to The Red Velvet Bow Author Challenge, being run by the fabulous SJ Warner.
I hope you enjoy another romp with the ever excitable, Kelly Pomelo!

S.J's Blog


The wind howled and whined outside her bedroom window like a banshee, driving Kelly further under the duvet, seeking comfort from the closeness of her lover. Cat moaned in her sleep and snuggled in tight, her firm breasts squashing into Kelly’s back. The storm had been lashing the city all day but tonight seemed worse; this was the fiercest she’d heard the wind since she was a little girl, when thunder storms used to terrify Her.

Nothing frightened ADA Kelly Pomelo now though – except maybe Cat’s repeated attempts to introduce decaf into their home.

There’s a time and place for decaf, thought Kelly, and that’s never and in the bin!

She chuckled to herself and settled comfortably against Cat, sighing as her lover’s hand cupped her breast. She felt Cat’s lips brush against her shoulder in the gentlest of kisses and heard her mumble something in her sleep.


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