Poetry Challenge by Steve Richards

My contribution to Deb’s fabulous poetry challenge!

Words across the Oceans


‘Beach Comber’

I wandered along the beach, alone and despondant, my eyes downcast as I scanned the flotsam and jetsam, the weight of an uncaring world heavy on my shoulders.

I spied something glinting in the bright sunlight and bent down to pick up an old bottle that had been carefully sealed. Inside, protected from the water, was a piece of yellowed paper that I gingerly unfolded and upon which I read,


Hello and greetings from afar
I know not who it is you are
Nothing of your life or cares
But I have something all can share
Whatever you deem God to be
He loves you just as he loves me
Add your name to the list below
And let’s see how far this will go
Throw me back into the sea
To find another just like thee
Carried by the tides great motion
Hopeful words across the oceans

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Iwo Jima

They came from all their separate ways
To fight a foe who would enslave
And hid deep within volcanic caves
For freedom and the souls they’d save
The many their young lives they gave
Everyone of them, they were so brave
Never thinking they would end their days
Laying broken in their watery graves
Kissed by the lapping of the waves

© opusangelicus 2013

(This is my contribution to the Blurred Lines challenge set by my lovely friend, Beth)

My Lover #poetrychallenge

My Lover

We are one soul split in two, existing in separate lives yet bound to each other inextricably. One half, her side, is wild, hot and so very sexy! Witty, intelligent and breathtakingly beautiful, an incredible force of nature that no one can tame. The other half, my side, is quieter, shy and introspective.
When we come together through the act of love, the passion of our union shakes the very foundations of the world! We compliment our desires perfectly, the flame of our lust igniting instantly, a pillar of fire reaching to the heavens!
Although strangers when we first met, we now both know the other intimately, our minds are perfectly in tune and our shared hungers feed off each other, spiralling upwards, wrapping themselves tighter and tighter until they explode in a frenzy of passionate release!
With her I have travelled the world of the erotic, we have explored every place our imagination cared to take us, we have experienced more than we ever dreamed possible and still it leaves us breathless with excitement, every time.
This is my lover and as much of her as I’m willing to share.

© opusangelicus 2012