Office Angel by Stephen Richards

Hey guys, here’s my contribution to The Red Velvet Bow Author Challenge, being run by the fabulous SJ Warner.
I hope you enjoy another romp with the ever excitable, Kelly Pomelo!

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The wind howled and whined outside her bedroom window like a banshee, driving Kelly further under the duvet, seeking comfort from the closeness of her lover. Cat moaned in her sleep and snuggled in tight, her firm breasts squashing into Kelly’s back. The storm had been lashing the city all day but tonight seemed worse; this was the fiercest she’d heard the wind since she was a little girl, when thunder storms used to terrify Her.

Nothing frightened ADA Kelly Pomelo now though – except maybe Cat’s repeated attempts to introduce decaf into their home.

There’s a time and place for decaf, thought Kelly, and that’s never and in the bin!

She chuckled to herself and settled comfortably against Cat, sighing as her lover’s hand cupped her breast. She felt Cat’s lips brush against her shoulder in the gentlest of kisses and heard her mumble something in her sleep.


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Promethean News

Hey guys, I just want to update you on the very latest Promethean news.

I’ve received and reviewed the proof copy, made the necessary corrections (not too many, thankfully!) and submitted the new version for publication.

I’ll let you know on here and other social media sites when it’s available for purchase. The UK price, set by the publishers, will be £7.99 plus postage (postage varying according to delivery type and country of order.)

The publishers enable delivery to the UK, US, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Mexico, Spain and New Zealand when you order direct from their website.

Naturally, I’ll be providing a purchase link the moment it’s ready.

Thanks for your support, encouragement and patience!

October 2nd 2016

Promethean news

I’m very pleased and excited to be able to give you a quick update on the current whereabouts of my new novel, Promethean. 

Within the next two weeks I should be able to order a proof copy and then if all goes well it’ll be ready for sale shortly thereafter. 

I’ll keep you posted on here and on Facebook (for those who follow me there) and let you know as soon as it’s available for you to buy. 

8th September 2016

Update on Promethean

Just a quick update on my new novel:

I’m currently working on chapter 9 and I’m at 205 pages with a word count of 55,226.

I’m really excited about you meeting my characters and hopefully you won’t have to wait too much longer – it all depends on where they’re gonna take me next!

Thanks for hanging in there with me as I try to tell their tale…


#PicturePromptChallenge by Stephen Richards

Here’s my interpretation of the wonderful picture supplied by Debra in her fab Picture Prompt Challenge. I hope you enjoy it 😊

Words across the Oceans


‘Twas many a year
Since last I saw her
On that shore
So far away
Where once I’d come
So close to death
In the guise of maiden fair
She told me then
That I was hers
To claim when
My long life was done
And what a life – so full!
Women, fortune, fame…
All mine for the taking
As I am hers.
Now here she sits
Beside my bed
As my spark flickers fitfully
Before the long dark night
“It’s time…” She sighs
And reaches forth
Her cold white hand
To gently rest
Upon my fevered brow.
A calmness takes me
The curtains of the world
Draw back revealing
A path as yet untravelled
Though one we’re fain to tread.
I feel no fear
But turn and smile
At her pale beauty
And with my final breath


#If you’d like to know more…

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Erotic Advent by Stephen Richards

Here’s my contribution to Erotic Advent, hosted by the fabulous SJ Warner!

I hope you enjoy…

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Erotic Advent

Some women have a thing for firemen, some for male models in sharp suits. For assistant district attorney Kelly Pomelo, it was Santa Claus. She didn’t care if the guy in the costume was old and fat (as most of them were), or young and fit (rarely so, but occasionally…), hell she didn’t even care if they were good looking or not – as long as they wore the costume while they fucked her that’s all she needed.

A psychologist could’ve told her that this festive fetish probably stemmed from a childhood incident, no doubt something she’d rather forget, or that maybe she had ‘Daddy issues…’ but it wasn’t any of that crap – she just got off on fucking Santa!

She liked to think of herself as spreading a little Christmas cheer – along with her legs; kind of a Ho! Ho! – ‘ho you could say, Santa’s hot…

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