Poetry Challenge by Steve Richards

My contribution to Deb’s fabulous poetry challenge!

Words across the Oceans


‘Beach Comber’

I wandered along the beach, alone and despondant, my eyes downcast as I scanned the flotsam and jetsam, the weight of an uncaring world heavy on my shoulders.

I spied something glinting in the bright sunlight and bent down to pick up an old bottle that had been carefully sealed. Inside, protected from the water, was a piece of yellowed paper that I gingerly unfolded and upon which I read,


Hello and greetings from afar
I know not who it is you are
Nothing of your life or cares
But I have something all can share
Whatever you deem God to be
He loves you just as he loves me
Add your name to the list below
And let’s see how far this will go
Throw me back into the sea
To find another just like thee
Carried by the tides great motion
Hopeful words across the oceans

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Tide’s Out

The harbour’s dead
Tide long fled
Boats leaning
This way that
High and dry
Upon thick mud
And sand
The quiet stillness
Broken only by
The plaintive cries
Of lonely gulls
And rigging
On the masts.
The fishermen
Tucked up
With wives
Now safe abed
(Though to the sea
In truth are wed)
Asleep until
Before dawns light
When tide returns
And they set sail

(Photo by the author)
© opusangelicus 2013


The fishing baskets
Stink and reek
Of all the things
They once did keep
Caught by the
Tangled webs of rope
The fisherman did weave
And things that I
Have never seen
The bounty of
The ocean deep
A story told
In the
Stink and reek

(Photo by the author)
© opusangelicus 2013

The Wronged

The wronged
Who sit
In dark corners
Unable to see the
Good in others
They lash out
Hurting where it’s
Not necessary
Their un-kindness
A mask
To hide
Their pain
At being
The wronged
Who sit
In dark corners….

© opusangelicus 2013


I sit at my writing desk, sipping my Absinthe and patiently waiting for the muse to take me. I stare at the pristine white paper and start to jot down a few ideas, outlining the description of a female character.

Taking another drink, the words flow from my pencil, covering the page with the vision of the beauty that stands before me in my minds eye. I rest for a moment, reading over what I’ve written, more than pleased with the woman I’ve created.

It’s late and the effects of the strong drink are beginning to take its toll. I lay my pencil down with a sigh and remove my glasses, pinching the bridge of my nose and rubbing my tired eyes.

I don’t know whether it’s the alcohol or tiredness or both, but the words appear to be moving on the page; twisting and writhing with a life of their own. I gaze incredulously as the letters take on the shape of a woman and rise up from the paper to stand before me; a tiny but perfectly formed figure!

I replace my glasses and stare, open mouthed, as she walks and dances across the page. She has no features, just a beautiful curvy body formed of letters and words. She stands still, cocking her head to one side inquisitively and although she has no eyes, I know she’s looking at me.

I sense that she wants something from me but can’t figure out what it is and I tell her so. She looks about herself and then runs over to pick up my pencil, struggling to hold it upright as it’s almost as big as her. She slowly writes two words on the now empty paper: name me…

She drops the pencil and looks up at me, patiently waiting for me to speak. “Anastasia” I say out loud, watching her intently as she ponders this for a moment. Suddenly she shivers and there before my startled eyes is the most beautiful, naked woman I have ever seen!

Her flawless skin has a light golden glow and her fabulous blonde hair cascades over her shoulders to half way down her back. She blushes and slowly turns as if for my approval, my eyes roaming over every part of her exquisite body. She faces me and smiles, looking down at herself and then back up to me, gauging my reaction to her magnificent form.

A huge smile spreads across my face as I whisper, “Beautiful! Truly beautiful…” She claps her tiny hands and appears delighted by my comments, once more dancing and pirouetting for me. She stops and curtsey’s then appears to think for a while before pointing at the pencil and indicating the page with a sweep of her arm. She looks quizzically at me and I realise what she’s after. “You want to know what I’m writing?” I say and she nods her head enthusiastically. “It’s going to be an erotic story! D’you know what that means?” She blushes furiously and slowly nods her head in assent.

Once more she stands deep in thought and then looks up at me with a slow smile curving her lovely mouth. She bites her lip and slides her hands up her body from her hips to her pert breasts, cupping and squeezing them provocatively. Her tiny fingers pinch and pluck her miniature nipples, pulling them out from her magnificent globes.

I watch amazed as she moves one hand down between her legs and begins playing with herself, her eyes never leaving mine as she puts on a tantalising show for me. She sinks to her knees and spreads them wide, laying back slightly and holding her tiny little pussy open for me, smiling lasciviously as I lick my lips and stare at her minute charms.

She begins to rub herself, slapping her swollen lips and clit and then pushing her fingers up into her little pussy. Her body begins to tremble as her excitement builds, her legs shaking, her breasts heaving, her fingers rubbing and slapping harder and faster. I feel my heart race and my cock starts to harden in my pants as I watch this tiny woman pleasure herself with abandon.

Suddenly, just as I feel sure she’s about to cum, she reaches up her arms and looks at me imploringly. I’m uncertain as to what she wants and move my hands apart in a gesture of confusion. She grabs my finger and tugs furiously at it, trying to pull it towards her open thighs. I realise what she’s trying to do and gently move the tip of it between her wide spread legs.

She pulls herself against me and I can feel the fierce heat of her tiny opening as she rubs herself furiously on my fingertip. Suddenly she stiffens, her whole body quivering as she throws her head back and cums hard!

I stare in stunned silence as she falls backwards, sprawling on her back with arms and legs spread wide in exhaustion, her perfect little breasts rising and falling as she pants and quivers in the throes of her orgasm. I reach down and press on my rigid cock, trying to relieve some of the tension that this miniature temptress has caused, just as she raises her head to smile at me and catches me in the act.

Now it is my turn to blush as she scrambles to her knees and crawls seductively on all fours over to the edge of the table to see what I’m doing. She looks up at me with a radiant smile, licking her lips and pointing at the prominent bulge in my trousers. “You want to see it?” I ask and she nods vigorously.

Her little face is a picture of desire and apprehension as I slowly unzip myself and reach in to pull out my throbbing erection. As it springs into view, she jumps backwards with a shocked expression making me laugh, then she smiles shyly and motions me to bring it closer. I can’t believe I’m actually doing this; standing up and moving closer to the table so that this tiny doll-sized woman can get to my cock!

She looks at it intently, walking around and studying it from various angles before grasping the head in her arms and covering it with kisses, licking all over as far as she can reach with her tiny tongue. The sensation is exquisite and my cock throbs and jumps, lifting her up off the table as she dangles from the tip.

She swings her legs up and wraps them around the shaft, holding on tightly, her breasts squashed against my flesh. I lean my hands on the table and let her climb around until she straddles my prick like a horse. She rubs her pussy back and forth against me then lays full length along it, sweeping her breasts from side to side.

I hold my cock out horizontal from the base and watch as she writhes and pleasures herself against me, finally managing to manoeuvre herself so that she can rub her pussy over the sensitive glans. God help me but her cavorting is having an effect upon me and I can feel my balls begin to tighten! I gasp and pant and blurt out “I’m gonna cum Anastasia!” which she seems delighted to hear as she redoubles her efforts to rub herself raw on me!

She quickly dismounts and stands directly in front of my tip with her arms wrapped around it, rubbing her breasts across it and raining kisses on the opening. I gasp and shudder then erupt! A huge jet of cum splashes directly into her tiny face and knocks her back onto her perfect little ass; she sits there waving her arms frantically as I cover her from head to toe in my thick, creamy cum!

When my balls are finally empty and I lean heavily on the table trying to recover, I can’t help but laugh as she wipes handfuls of cum from her face and sits there with a triumphant smile!

I wipe my cock with a tissue and stuff it back into my trousers before running to the sink and returning with a cereal bowl of tepid water. She smiles at me and climbs graciously in, washing herself clean as I finish the rest of my drink.

I sit with my chin resting on my arms as she climbs from the bowl, watching her as she dries her long hair with a piece of kitchen roll. “Thank you Anastasia” I say with genuine feeling, “You were magnificent!” She smiles warmly and taking my cheeks in both hands, kisses me long and tenderly on my lips.

She moves away and with one hand on her heart she points to herself and then at me. “I love you too Anastasia” I whisper. She smiles radiantly and steps back into the middle of the page, turning once more into a collection of words that settle silently onto the paper.

© opusangelicus 2013

The Heat of The Day – A #ForHer Summer Sizzler

I push the grapes
Deep inside
Eating them
As you push them out
Flavoured with

I dip my cock
Into my wine
And offer it
To your sweet
Mmmm, a cheeky
Little vintage
You murmur
Taking me in

Softly sucking
Softly licking
Softly mewling
I grow hard
And stiff
Your pretty
Little mouth

Under the gazebo
Where yesterday we
Entertained guests
With a cream tea
You spread yourself
On the soft grass
And let me
Glide smoothly


© opusangelicus 2013

Iwo Jima

They came from all their separate ways
To fight a foe who would enslave
And hid deep within volcanic caves
For freedom and the souls they’d save
The many their young lives they gave
Everyone of them, they were so brave
Never thinking they would end their days
Laying broken in their watery graves
Kissed by the lapping of the waves

© opusangelicus 2013

(This is my contribution to the Blurred Lines challenge set by my lovely friend, Beth)

Hot Summer Sex – A #ForHer sexy short

It’s a scorching hot day and it looks as if our summer has finally arrived. I sit and sip my wine as I watch you peg out the washing, the sexy wiggle of your tight ass and the heat of the afternoon sun making my sap rise.

I grab your arm as you pass by on the way back to the house, pulling you onto my lap and making you squeal. You know how the heat effects me and start to breathe heavily with your own desire as I kiss you passionately and gently caress your hot, sticky crotch.

The seclusion of our garden let’s you quickly abandon any inhibitions and you lift yourself up to straddle me on the sun lounger, pulling your top off to push your naked breasts against my chest as we resume devouring each others mouths.

You feel my rigid cock throbbing against you through your shorts and slowly grind and rub yourself wantonly onto it. You gasp into my mouth when my hand comes up between us and I squeeze your breast, my fingers grazing then pinching your erect nipple.

You pull away with a growl of lust and stand up over me, your nimble fingers swiftly undoing the waistband of your shorts. You move to the side and let them drop, stepping out of them and then stand over me again gloriously naked, your excitement clearly visible by the glistening of your shaven pussy.

You bend forward to undo my shorts, affording me the magnificent sight of your huge breasts hanging down so invitingly, pausing in your task as I reach up and caress them, my eager fingers moulding and squeezing your full flesh.

You smile and continue to loosen my waistband, pulling my shorts down my legs and cooing appreciatively as my solid erection leaps up to greet you.

I groan with pleasure as your fingers close around my thick shaft and you begin to stroke me from the base to my swollen tip, gasping as you graze across the sensitive end. “Mmmm…” you moan, bending your head down and kissing it before engulfing me with your soft lips.

My cock jumps and throbs as your mouth slides down further and further, my fingers entwining in your hair while you swallow me to my root. I buck my hips and growl loudly as your tongue swirls around my shaft and over the head, pushing myself to the back of your throat and making you splutter.

You gently squeeze my heavy balls and begin to give me the most amazing blow job, your lips and your hand sliding up and down me. I lay back and watch my hard cock disappear into your pretty mouth and then emerge again, coated with your saliva.

I wrap your hair around my fingers, gripping tightly, stopping the bobbing motion of your head to thrust myself in and out, fucking your mouth with vigour. You whimper and moan as I use you, your spit flowing down me and over my balls, tears forming and spilling out over your cheeks.

I can’t take much more of this and pull your head up roughly, a long strand of your saliva stretching from your quivering lips to my shiny tip. You gasp and gulp for air as I sit up and pull your mouth to mine, crushing your lips with an ardent kiss.

“Lay down!” I snarl at you, standing over you and lazily stroking my swollen cock as you recline on the lush grass and let your legs fall wide apart. I get down between them, burying my face in your sweet pussy making you squeal and jump as you feel my tongue sweep from your ass to your clit, over and over with broad, lapping strokes.

“Ohhh Godddd…!” you murmur as my tongue enters your hot sheath, pushing into you as far as I can reach. You jump and squeal and buck your hips as my lips close around your sensitive clit and I suck deeply, pulling your bud into my mouth to flick it with the tip of my tongue.

You cry out and quickly clamp one hand over your mouth to stifle yourself as you remember where we are, your other hand holding the back of my head tightly as you grind your juicy pussy against my mouth. A muffled scream escapes you when I slide two fingers into your tight heat and start to circle your little pucker with another.

You buck and squirm when I push against your ass, crying out into your hand as my finger penetrates you and slides in up to my knuckle. “Oh FUCK!!” you grunt, your both hands now gripping my head as I finger fuck both your holes and suck hard on your clit. “Ohhh…have you no shame?!” you murmur, whether to yourself or me I don’t know as you start bucking your hips wildly.

Your back arches and you clamp your hand over your mouth again as you wail and thrash out your orgasm, your juices squirting out and soaking my face making me groan with pleasure as I drink your sweet offering.

Licking my lips lustily I raise up and mount you, taking my cock in my hand and positioning it at your entrance. “Fuck me…” you whisper, closing your eyes and gasping as I enter you fully in one savage thrust. You wrap your legs and arms around me, pulling me tight to you as you adjust to my invasion.

The feeling of being so utterly full of cock, here, in our back garden, with the neighbours either side having barbecues, makes you cum hard again with the sheer rudeness and shameful debauchery of it all!

Your mouth closes on mine in a never ending kiss of passion, moaning and whimpering continuously as I fuck you with long, deep strokes. Again and again you cum on my cock, biting my lip and raking your nails down my back, your whole body quivering with pleasure and excitement!

I speed up and begin the short strokes, grunting and growling as I stab into your tender pussy. “Yes! YESSS!” you hiss into my ear, grinding yourself against me.

Suddenly I’m there! You feel my cock swell and then erupt deep in your belly, two strong jets of my cum squirting hard into you and making you orgasm again. You cry out as I pull roughly from you and empty my balls completely, thick streams of hot sticky seed splashing over your belly and breasts to fall on your face like drops of warm summer rain.

I collapse on the ground next to you, utterly spent and smile as I watch your belly jerk and your body quiver whilst the last ripples of your powerful orgasm pass through you. Panting and moaning softly, you lay there with your legs spread wantonly, my seed trickling out of your ravaged pussy and running slowly down between your cheeks.

You look over at me adoringly, tenderly caressing my face and then lay back with your eyes shut, listening to the sounds of the bees buzzing around the flowers and the neighbours having fun whilst the sun dries my cum on you and makes your skin prickle.

Life is good, you think to yourself as I place the umbrella over to shade you and you drift off to sleep.


© opusangelicus 2013

Sexo Alfresco #ForHer

You lay down
So sweetly
On the lush
Giggling as I trace
Your bare breasts
Your smooth belly
With a daisy
To your succulent rose

Your graceful fingers
Spread open pink petals
Velvet folds that glisten
In the sun
Feel like you’re dying
As I devour

Everywhere ‘twixt
Back and front
From tight secret pucker
Sweet juicy…

Suburban porn
Sex on the lawn
Your back to the land
Screams stifled with hand
High hedges each side
From neighbours us hide
Blissfully unaware
That I’m gripping your hair
And fucking you hard
In our backyard


© opusangelicus 2013