Carnal Carnival – A #ForHer Sexy Short (18+ NSFW)

A beautiful sunny day finds you standing in the street watching the carnival procession. You love to see all the brightly coloured costumes and listen to the great music as the dancers and floats pass by. There’s quite a crowd here today, everyone pressed tightly together in the narrow street as they try to catch a glimpse of the festivities.

You suddenly become aware of something very large and obviously male, pushing hard against your ass, nestling up between your cheeks. You jump forwards but are restrained by a pair of heavy hands gripping your hips. You try to turn to see who is molesting you when you recognise my scent and hear my voice whispering in your ear “It’s ok baby, it’s only me” You sigh and relax, leaning back against me and moving your hips slightly, your firm cheeks rubbing back and forth across my straining cock.

You gasp as you feel my hands slide around and down between your legs, my fingers pressing inwards to rub against your pussy that is rapidly swelling and getting wet with desire. You moan softly, trying not to let on to the people all around you how aroused this makes you, sliding your hand back between us to fondle my cock. You whimper and squirm as you feel it throb to your touch, stroking and squeezing its hardness.

Being here like this, in a packed street in broad daylight, playing with my hard cock, feeling my fingers pushing your soaking wet panties into your pouting slit, excites you so much that you cum hard, your body shaking against me as you bite your lip and whimper. A woman standing next to you looks at us, glancing down to where my hand is pressing deep between your legs. She smiles at you and leans forwards whispering “Mmmm, lucky girl!” before turning back to watch the parade.

You blush scarlet and squeeze my cock hard, an unsubtle hint that you need more! I grab your wrist and pull you back through the crowd, heading towards one of the many little back alleyways that criss-cross the town. Your heart is pounding in your chest with excitement as you allow yourself to be swept along in this moment of madness.

I drag you into a winding deserted alley and push you up against the hard stone wall, my hand diving straight between your legs, cupping and squeezing your swollen pussy. You cry out and squirm at my sudden and forceful assault, the roughness of it and the very real risk of getting caught like this, pushing your excitement to fever pitch. You scrabble at my zip as my mouth crushes yours in an intense kiss, mewling and writhing in utter abandonment to your flaming desire. Your hand snakes into my trousers and you bite my lip as your slender fingers wrap around my hot flesh, stroking and tugging at my length in your urgent need.

I rip your panties from you making you cry out in shock and lust, throwing them down onto the dirty cobbles. You pant and whimper as I press down on your shoulders and force you to your knees, quickly looking from side to side before gazing up at me, your eyes sparkling with sexual hunger, your lips wide open to receive me. I grip your hair and thrust my huge cock into your mouth; pushing deep into your throat and making you cough and gag. I look down at you and snarl “You dirty little slut!” the words and the situation thrilling you so much that you cum again, your juices running down your legs as you kneel in this filthy lane getting fucked in the mouth.


I drag you roughly to your feet and push you hard against the wall again, pulling one of your legs up around my waist as I grip my cock in my fist and rub it up and down your soaking slit. I wrap your hair around my fingers and pull your head back hard, forcing you to look at me. I growl out “What are you?” “Your dirty little slut” you reply groaning loudly as my cock head nudges between your lips, “And what d’you want, slut?” I snarl, inching just inside you. “I want you to fuck me! Fuck me in the street like a whore!!” you cry out, kissing me wildly.

You scream into my mouth as my thick length pushes straight up into you, stretching your tight cunt almost to breaking point. I bury myself deep into you in one savage thrust, making you stand on tip toe, speared and quivering. There is no time for the finesse of making love, this is raw animal sex; an urgent fuck to answer an urgent need.

You gasp and grunt as I dig up into you with savage hard stabs of my thick meat. You kiss and bite my neck in a frenzy of passion, sobbing in pleasure as my solid cock plunges in and out of you. I quickly reach the short strokes that you know signal my imminent release, grunting and growling as I fuck you faster and faster like a wild savage. Your own excitement grows along with mine and you cry out “YES…YES!” over and over, biting my shoulder and hanging on to me as tightly as you can.

Suddenly I growl out loudly and give an almighty shove that impales you up to my very root, my balls tightening, my cock swelling and then exploding inside you, flooding your belly with hard spurts of hot sticky cum. The sensation of my seed erupting in you drives you over the edge and you kiss me hard to stifle your scream, cumming so fiercely that your juices gush out of you and soak us both.


You cling to me, your legs shaking, your whole body trembling and vibrating as wave after wave of your orgasm wash over you, your inner muscles clenching and squeezing my cock painfully hard, milking every last drop of cum from my balls. You lean against me, panting and quivering as I draw out of you, our mixed juices oozing out of your bruised pussy and sliding slowly down your legs.

I hold you tightly, kissing you gently and softly stroking your hair, the tenderness of our love for each other now, in complete contrast to the savage fuck we just shared. The sound of the parade filtering down the alleyway reminds us of where we are and we quickly adjust our clothing; me picking up your ruined panties and using them to wipe the cum from the inside of your legs.

I stand up before you and kiss you deeply, pulling back to gaze adoringly into your huge eyes. “Fuck me that was good!” I say with a huge smile “Did you like it too?” “Oh God it was amazing!” you reply, “Just what I needed! Thank you!” “You didn’t mind me calling you names, did you?” I ask with a concerned expression. “No” you reply with a kiss, “It really excited me! I like being your dirty little slut!”

We walk back to the main street holding hands, heading to your favourite café for a coffee and some cake, our exertions having made us ravenous. We sit down and gaze at each other over our drinks, smiling and laughing together, our eyes twinkling with love and satisfied lust. You look across and see the woman again, sitting at another table with her friends. She smiles knowingly at you and winks, nodding downwards with her eyebrows raised. You glance down at your legs and suddenly blush furiously as you see how dirty your knees are. You jump up quickly and mouth ‘Thank you’ to her as you rush to the toilet to clean yourself up.

Later that evening we sit and share a bottle of wine, talking over our afternoon of risky fun which has long been a fantasy of ours, laughing at you getting caught with dirty knees! We kiss and cuddle, our hands wandering and caressing, our sighs becoming deeper as we start to arouse each other. “Wanna go and fool around?” you say with a wink and seductive smile. “You bet sexy!” I reply standing up and sweeping you up in my arms to carry you giggling and squealing to our bedroom.



© opusangelicus 2013

(Pictures sourced from web. Not my own)