Tide’s Out

The harbour’s dead
Tide long fled
Boats leaning
This way that
High and dry
Upon thick mud
And sand
The quiet stillness
Broken only by
The plaintive cries
Of lonely gulls
And rigging
On the masts.
The fishermen
Tucked up
With wives
Now safe abed
(Though to the sea
In truth are wed)
Asleep until
Before dawns light
When tide returns
And they set sail

(Photo by the author)
© opusangelicus 2013

5 thoughts on “Tide’s Out

      • Sweetness I have watched you closely from day one (that sounds creepy but you know what I mean lol) and I’ve watched your confidence grow and grow.

        You will ALWAYS have my support and encouragement in whatever you do.

        *huge hugs and kisses* xxx


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